Pontus Holgersson is CEO and founder.

“We were in need of a complete telephony platform that could meet all our needs for incoming and outgoing telephony, CRM integration, and a more effective customer service. With ClearIT’s help, we now have an innovative solution that has improved our business and the efficiency of our customer service.”

Pontus Holgersson, CEO

The challenge

When Consector was newly established, a simple click-to-call functionality was selected to help with outgoing call operations. With rapid company growth and more staff, it became necessary to streamline the ougoing call operations, all the while, more and more customers themselves sought out the company. To improve efficiency, a platform was needed that could satisfy both outgoing telephony in the form of a dialer, along with a flexible solution for incoming customer calls. Of course the price, too, was a major factor, as it was preferable to continue with the same operator as before.

The Solution

ClearIT’s contact center solution was the platform that fulfilled all the requirements. The solution’s Predictive Dialer, along with an adapted customer card, was the functionality that Consector needed. Since the solution also manages incoming calls, the system also nicely captures customers who contact the company. Team leaders administer the system and load lists of prospective customers themselves. Getting all the pieces in place has been challenging in a few places, and during implementation, ClearIT has adjusted parts of the solution so that it is completely adapted for Consector’s operations. Pontus is clear when he says that ClearIT has always been very engaged and helpful, and has worked to find the best solution for everyone.

The Result

Significant efficiency improvements; we call considerably more customers today.

We have very few drops and we understand and can fine-tune the system as needed.

Management of incoming calls to customer service works smoothly.

We have detailed statistics that we use in evaluation and sales.


Consector is a fast-growing independent loan broker that guides private individuals in loan and credit evaluation, improvement and competitivization. Since 2014, the company offers a complete range of loans and credits online. Today, about half of customer contact is initiated by the customer, with the rest being initiated by the sales force through telephone outreach.

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