Get to know us

We are ClearIT.

ClearIT is a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm. In bright offices located on the island of Södermalm, we work with one single thing: Clear Interact contact center solution. In other Nordic countries and in Ireland, we have customers as well as retailers and partners we work closely with. The company was founded in 2000 and we’re proud to say that many customers from our early days are still with us today. Many of us who work here have been here from the start, and even some who went on to other things came back again. We believe this is due to the fact that we work closely with wonderful customers and that everyone who works at ClearIT enjoys working here.

Meet our team

We want to give you a chance to get to know our team a little better.

Peter Lindahl


Or “Head of IVR”, which is the title he uses internally, as it’s here the IVR magic is created. Peter is the most cheerful guy at the office, and the one who persuades (most of) us to do a daily plank. At the time of writing, we’re up to an impressive 2.15 minutes. Maybe we’ll all end up doing PT twice a week. Just like Peter does.

Madeleine Miljeteig

Support Manager

Our rock-steady Madde is not only a co-owner but also a founder of ClearIT, and has been with us from day one. When she’s not running quarterly meetings, planning evening jobs, or just plain dominating the support department, then you’ll find skiing in Björnrike is top of the list of places you’ll find her.

Marcus Kero

Systems Engineer

Not to be confused with his little brother Martin Kero, support engineer at ClearIT. Marcus is the one who makes sure the technology works, from printers and mobile phones to VPN tunnels and RTP streams. He’s the savior in tech emergencies and of course he’s the fastest keyboard in the land. He also boasts the office’s most pedantic desk.

Ola Hemb

Delivery Manager

Ola is a bit like ClearIT’s very own toolbox; he has solutions and answers for nearly everything. It’s doubtful if there is a single customer out there who hasn’t worked with Ola in one way or another. In addition to being an appreciated and knowledgeable colleague, he’s also a boys’ hockey coach and a dedicated lunchtime exerciser.

Therese Nilsson

CFO/HR Director

Therese is the one who makes sure everyone at the office is feeling fine and there’s nothing she can’t solve or fix. The yummiest lunch, the most fun kick-off, or even new sofas for the office. She is also the ambassador for ClearIT’s yearly customer event.

Ask a question

If you have a question about our product or about ClearIT as a company, we’re happy to answer! If you’re already a customer with a support question, you’ll get the fastest answers by calling support at 08-445 02 12 or sending an email to [email protected].