Clear Interact Contact Center Solution

The contact center solution for those who want to provide their customers with outstanding service.

A contact center solution from ClearIT queues, prioritizes, and distributes all your customer communications. We don’t differentiate when it comes to service, no matter where in the world you are, or whether you receive a call, a chat, or even a Facebook post. You can use whichever operator you want. And whether you select our cloud service or would prefer to keep your contact center solution on site, you will have the very best means to offer your customers a level of customer service far beyond their expectations.

What´s included?

Freedom of choice in method of contact: Chat, email, telephone, social media, or SMS.
Easy-to-use tools and modern interfaces make work simple and fun.
Self-administration beyond the usual. You can quickly make all changes yourself.
Smart integration so you get the maximum effect from your contact center solution.
We show you how to give your customer the right information – without taking up your staff’s time.
Flexible reporting and follow-up along with complete monitoring.

A multi-channel contact center

Give your customers freedom to choose their desired method of contact

Customer service should be just what it sounds like: service for your customers. It’s therefore vital that you be available for your customers wherever they are, right then and there, communicating with them in the way they prefer.


We make no distinction, when it comes to service, on whether you use the telephone, email, chat, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook. By gathering all communication in one place, we can offer agents valuable customer information and a comprehensive history of prior contact. With our digital media service, you will be able to manage mail and chat faster than ever before. You will also have the advantage of receiving administrative tasks in the system, thus getting an accurate and complete picture of the agents’ work.

Comprehensive statistics on telephone calls, email, SMS, chat, administrative cases, and social media
Change of communication channel during an ongoing case
Support for consulting an external expert within an email
Searchable predefined answers
Support for consulting an external expert within an email
Automatic text recognition
Text-based routing
Monitor and take ownership of errands
The system suggests the right answer

Work with the right tools

So that your staff can do their best work, you must provide them with the best circumstances. Thanks to a thoughtfully conceived agent tool, it is easier to help your customers, and more fun to provide good customer service. ClearAgent is an intuitive application that has a positive effect on both presentation and motivation. It works as well at home as at the office, and we of course provide you and your agents access to current real-time information on queues, goal fulfillment, and colleague status.

Quick changes

Being able to make rapid changes has a major positive impact on service levels and customer satisfaction. When self-administration is permitted and easy to do, there is no reason not to make changes in the contact center yourself. With ClearCoach, you save a lot of time and money. Whether you want to create a new menu or queue, record a call, change an audio file, add or remove an agent, or prioritize a queue, it’s easy and it’s quick. You build all IVR menus and queues yourself. With no experience needed, you can easily design your menu trees and set your queues to be exactly the way you want them.


Work in a way that best suits the agent with free seating
Personal statistics and real-time information
Stay a step ahead by cherry-picking important calls in the queue
Activate customer surveys yourself on SMS, telephone, or email
System-controlled or agent-activated recording
Smart tools like address book, shortcuts, and personal queue
Create and change menus and call flows yourself
Activate call-back or overflow during call peak times
Make instantaneous changes in prioritization of queues and agents
Activate emergency messages and manage audio files
Schedule future changes in advance
Full control over mail signatures, auto-replies, and suggested answers

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Offer a personal experience – we show you how

Manage requests without involving your staff

We are happy to allow smart integration and automated services to manage the customer with our personalized customer service. Automatically directing your customers to the right information without burdening your agents leads to meaningful cost savings and more satisfied customers.

We can determine your customer´s information needs

Whether it’s the telephone number they’re calling from, a phrase in the email they send, or information connected to their customer number, we can use that information to answer billing questions or balance inquiries. Or manage error reports and payments without the need to involve a person. In this way, we can answer customer enquiries and connect customers to the right place without unnecessarily burdening your agents.

Use the knowledge you have about your customers
Spend less time on simple and repetitive questions
Give the customer information they way directly in the queue
Take advantage of technological potential
Send automatic answers
Reduce queue times

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